New Studio in Leeds | Design & Illustration

Studio Twwo is now a ‘twwo studio’ business, located in both Manchester and Leeds

Studio Twwo has branched out and opened a new studio in Leeds, in addition to our main base in Manchester. In doing so we hope to reach a wider audience as a ‘trans-pennine design partnership’; covering a wider area and also diversifying our clients and projects.

If you’re an individual, business, promoter, freelancer, musician, DJ, artist, collective, student who would like to collaborate with us on a project please get in touch or join us on social media [see below].

We’re currently based at the brilliant co-working space in Headingley called Pulse at the Heart Centre, which is home to freelancers from all areas of business. We’re open to all sorts of ideas and collaborations, and don’t want to pigeon-hole ourselves…

We will be attending some networking events in both Leeds and Manchester over the coming weeks to get our message out there, meet new and exciting people and (hopefully) embark on some inspiring collaborations and projects.