Branding & Design Consultation

Studio Twwo have been providing branding, design & project management consultation services for SharpFutures CIC apprentices based at The Sharp Project

SharpFutures CIC is a social enterprise that supports young people into employment in the creative digital sector. SharpFutures approached Studio Twwo to provide industry-level support and training for their placements and apprentices in: branding, design & project management. This supplementary personal and professional development is in addition to their training provider, The White Room – who manage their progress, development and qualifications.

These workshops and consultation sessions are a great way for us to impart knowledge of the industry as well as giving masterclasses in Adobe Design software; up-skilling the apprentices and placements in industry-standard softwares, which they can then develop in their own time. These skills are very desirable to employers and the creative digital industry in general, as versatility and adaptability within job roles is vital in this modern job market.

We enjoy working with the apprentices and placements at The Sharp Project as they are energetic, enthusiastic and eager to learn new skills that they can develop in their own time. This makes our job a lot easier as we’re delivering to people who want to learn rather than forcing them to work on something they’re not interested in.

We look forward to working with both SharpFutures and The Sharp Project in the future – potentially helping them to organise CoderDojo Mcr, and also developing our skills in the delivery of creative learning as well as helping them to grow and develop.